L’Amour for Nanette Lepore

One of our favorite designers, Nanette Lepore has joined the popular trend of creating a less expensive line in collaboration with a department store. Her L’Amour line with JCPenney is geared toward a younger audience (think Forever 21 prices but with Lepore’s signature bright prints and sheer fabrics) which is a new venture for the designer.

Here are a few of our favorite pieces from the collection:

Sleeveless Drape Back Blouse $17 / Stars & Stripes Jeggings $25 / Bralette $17 / Embellished Shorts $20 / Button Front Scallop Shirt $17 / Chiffon Skirt $20

Sleeveless Drape Back Blouse $17 / Stars & Stripes Jeggings $25 / Bralette $17 / Embellished Shorts $20 / Button Front Scallop Shirt $17 / Chiffon Skirt $20

We can’t believe all these pieces are under $25! These items are going quick so make sure you pick up your favorites online or in stores!

xoxo Courtney

Now Trending: Clear Accents

There was a pretty clear trend on the runways this season, reminiscent of my elementary school days, fun-filled days wearing brightly colored “jelly” shoes, or a beach tote I used to sport. The see-through accessories trend is back, in full force. Everything from hats, sunglasses, jewelry, handbags and shoes.



Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney

These clear clutches and totes were common on the New York and Paris runway shows. Now, I love the mod look and simplicity of the Valentino clutch above, but if you all have a purse as cluttered as myself, you definitely don’t want the rest of the world to see its contents! I think my crumpled up receipts, packages of Advil, sanitizer, perfume, and gift cards only need to be seen by me. And the dark depths of the bottom of my Calvin Klein handbag.





These Pucci sunglasses remind me of high school chemistry. I hated chemistry. There were many variations of sleek and colorful lenses on the runways. These yellow hued Pucci frames, while fashion forward, just don’t look like they will actually keep you safe from the sun. In fact, it looks like it will enhance the sun’s rays. This Chanel hat probably looked amazing on the runway, unless of course you had nosebleed seats. It unfortunately looks like an invisible UFO, and is probably extremely noisy in the wind (didja think about that?) and is incredibly heavy. Ah, the sacrifices we make for fashion.

Charlotte Olympia

Charlotte Olympia

Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin

But it’s not all bad! My absolute favorite interpretation with the clear trend is in shoes! As to not going to the total “jelly sandal” route, designers are taking a simpler, and in my opinion, a more striking approach to the trend. The Charlotte Olympia heels above are a twist on a basic black pump. The clear heel makes the shoe so edgy and sophisticated at the same time. It’s something you haven’t seen before.  Although these Christian Louboutin cap toe pumps were all over celebrities last year, I am still obsessed with how fashion forward, chic, and cool they are. Just make sure you have a fresh pedicure ladies!

What was your favorite accessory trend from Fashion Week?

xoxo, Courtney

Mila the Beautiful

Mila Kunis. I love her. She’s a beauty, no doubt. But what I find most profoundly beautiful is the genuine essence that she emits. She had my heart in The Book of Eli and melted it in Friends with Benefits. Black Swan, wow. It’s how much depth she brings to everything she does that moves me. I believe her when she cries, and laugh with her when she laughs. And I am mesmerized by her when she stands there, in still pictures, and says so much without speaking a word.

She has eyes made to be read.


Mila Kunis in Ted, wearing Alice + Olivia Grecian Draped One Shoulder Dress

Just got see this delightful interview with Chris Stark. So refreshing!

Leather it on

The way I see it, if the statement is worth making, so is the investment. Take leather. A well chosen piece can transform many an outfit from mediocre to magnificent in a single (zipper) pull.

But working leather into a wardrobe can be a tricky thing. Unless you’re going for a hard-edge statement or unless you are Beyonce, one piece of leather at a time, please.

And considering the price tag, the key is investing in timeless pieces that will endure wear and the ever-changing temperament of the fashion world. A leather biker jacket with clean lines and a feminine touch. Now that tops the bill.

Juicy Couture Cropped Leather Jacket

Nanette Lepore Smooth Moves Leather Jacket

Nanette Lepore Smooth Moves Leather Jacket

Then there is the classic leather skirt- mini, straight or pencil in design, whatever your fancy. It’s a backdrop with pizazz for an evening out.

Personally, whenever I see a leather skirt during the day, I smile, because I am nice, but inside I cringe a little. It’s not that it looks awful by sunlight or is a fashion faux pas. It’s just, well, I think it loses the magic.

Let me explain.

Take the “F” word for example. Used sparingly and in the right moment, it is big and powerful and can convey more raw emotion in four letters than an entire speech. Like when my son dropped his week-old iPhone. He looked at me, speechless and in disbelief. And I said, “Go ahead, say it.” And he did. A number of times. It didn’t fix the iPhone. But the moment was right. And the word fit.

And so it is with leather skirts. I wish we could come to some consensus that they should be reserved for evenings. So as to maintain the magic. I’d liked to tweet “I’ve got my leather skirt on” and point blank, have everyone know I’m heading to a party. That’s it. Enough said.

Nanette Lepore Supernatural Leather Skirt

Nanette Lepore Supernatural Leather Skirt in Hunter Green

Alice+Olivia Box Leather Pleated Skirt

Leave it to Stacy Bendet to up the ante of the classic pleated skirt in this leather rendition. Alice+Olivia Box Leather Pleated Skirt

Curated Leather Pieces at NewChicBoutique.com

Politics Aside


Sacramento Fashion Week.  It’ hard to know what to expect.  Sacramento is known for it’s politics and ever-changing state of the basketball team. But fashion? Hardly. That’s left up to New York, Paris, London and Milan. Certainly not Sacramento. Or is it?

The week promised forums, workshops and events to educate and showcase the local talent in the industry.

In short, they delivered.

Big time.

Sacramento Fashion Week Forum

Monday night’s Fashion Forum panel included Naima Mora from ANTM, Uduak Oduok -Fashion & Entertainment Lawyer, Amber Collins from Cast Images Talent Agency, CEO & Founder of The Stylist Online, Amy Wister, Ester Amato, and Gerry Simpson.

Now, with all due respect to the only male in the group (apologies, Gerry), I’d like to talk about the women for a moment. Each and every one a powerhouse. Each more articulate than the next. Each more beautiful and more polished than the next. Such a strange thing when you’re in the presence of a group of such powerful women. It’s at once inspiring and intimidating. You (as in me) walk out feeling so immense, and strangely small. Something to talk to the therapist about, perhaps, once I get one.

The evening was certainly packed with information most relevant and useful in regards to the fashion industry. But read hard enough and you can get all such info from a book (or online, but of course). The true magic of the night, at least for me, was in the delivery…and in those magnificent women that delivered. Kudos and thanks to all for the inspiration. And especially for the intimidation. I am a bigger woman today because of it.

The next morning I wore a power suit. And felt much better.

Sacramento Fashion Week

Designer: Niv Elliot

The rest of the week was loaded with events for all levels and interests. Humbling to see a small (relatively speaking, of course) fashion community come together to put on such fabulous productions.  We didn’t take part this year – just had the privilege of enjoying. Next year, we’ll pitch in, promise. Wish I could congratulate all personally for the hard work and time they volunteered. But, as with all these events, by the end, everyone needs to hurry on and get ready for the next. So here it is: A great big THANK YOU.

Then came Friday. And with it, the Designer Showcase. And what a showcase! Each of the designers displayed talent worthy of big city runways with their collections infused with ingenuity and expert design. But perhaps most charming was the idea that they are here, for now, in a small (fashion) town, and one day they will be recognized, celebrated and, most likely, untouchable. And we can say, “We knew them when.”



“NOW that’s a dress!” charity for W.E.A.V.E.

In honor of International Women’s Day, support the local WEAVE (Women Escaping A Violent Environment) charity by donating ANY dress in your closet (you know you have a few!). Donated dresses will be resold (for $10) At the Hyatt Regency Sacramento on 3/27! Thanks to 100.5 FM, the Hyatt, Prestige Cleaners, Dimple records and all who donate for supporting such a great cause!

The Dress Fiend

I’m all about giving back to people, places, and things when ever I can. It’s how I live my life and how I stay balanced. God knows SO many people have helped me through the difficult times. I firmly believe in passing on the goodness you receive onto others.
I will be participating in this event, “NOW that’s a dress,” on Wednesday, March 27th at 6 pm. (location the Hyatt in Downtown Sacramento) Here’s the catch: You donate your gently used dresses to any Dimple Records right before the event, they dry clean them, then they go up for sale on 3/27 at the Hyatt. ALL dresses are $10! Even if it’s super high end, still $10. I don’t know about you guys, but I could definitely part with some of my old dresses. Plus, in return we get new ones that have been cleaned and the money goes directly…

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